June 30, 2016

VOIP: The online phone carrier

If your business relies on long distance calls and is swimming in phone bills, it may be time to consider a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

VoIP is the same idea as a regular phone company, but instead of using the landlines of phone companies, it uses the internet and is easier on your server. It works with computer and cell phone calls and has more features(i.e caller ID, voicemail, call recording etc.).VOIP

Using your existing private branch exchange(PBX),you can use Session Initiation Protocol(SIP trunking) to make VoIP calls anywhere. This technology is ideal for offices and businesses, regardless of vocation or location. Because of the fact that calls are done by the internet, it is easier and more inexpensive than standard business phone contracts. If the server goes down, your phones will as well so we recommend that you keep backups regularly and monitor the health of your device. If your server does go down, a backup can quickly redeploy the PBX and get the business operational. A cloud based option can also reduce that risk by removing the server or device outside of the premise so only a phone is connected to the Internet. Hopefully this blog enlightened you on the option of VoIP phone calls.

Rob Himmelwright

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