About Us

We help companies every day find simple solutions to complex problems, including how to succeed in an ever changing web environment.

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Company Overview

  1. Unconfusing Technology staff perform all work with quality and integrity. We believe in doing business the right way and treating people with respect. We do things right the first time, we honor our agreements, and we don't overcharge for it.
  2. We don't try to confuse you with fancy buzzwords and won't talk "tech" to you, unless you want it. We want to talk to you on a professional level about how we can help your organization grow or accomplish its mission in a more productive manner using advanced technology.
  3. We have experience in many different fields - construction, education, legal, medical. Sometimes a simple solution is best; either way, we want to make the best tech recommendations for your particular business. Keeping you and your staff productive allows you to serve more clients and makes you more profitable.

What We Stand For

Leading with Integrity

We want to lead the industry with our commitment to integrity.

Social Responsibility

Community service and giving are high on our priority list.

Protecting the Environment

We like our planet, and we've only got one!

A Free Internet

We believe the internet is a place for free speech and should not be censored in any way.