Unconfusing Special Projects

We have built a variety of applications for our clients. From tenant screening to apartment websites management to a word game, we have a wealth of experience building great software. Here are a few of our special projects.

Agent Registration

Having a web presence is pivotal to getting new business, especially for individuals or small teams. A solid web page with good advertising such as videos and radio endorsements gives individuals the credibility of larger companies in an affordable way. Our Agent Registration tool allows us to build a simple and effective website for an individual or team of real estate agents quickly.

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My Apartment Website

Providing easy to access information is key for any business that wants to succeed. A large failing of the real estate industry is the lack of available information on smaller properties. MyApartment Website makes it possible to create a simple, informative, and responsive website for your property. It also provides analytical data, form management, and a content management interface. Content can be updated at any time by a property manager. MyApartment Website makes it possible to have multiple users associated with a property allowing a team of people to manage.

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Data Collection

Data collection is a huge insdustry that is getting more and more complex every day. Between social media creating immense amounts of Big Data and customer data intake growing as well, Unconfusing wants to help unconfuse and organize all of your data collecting needs.

Training Software

Unconfusing wants your company's employees to function at their most efficient levels. Employees who understand company systems and procedures are obviously more efficient than employees who are incompetitent. Therefore, Unconfusing offers the ability to design company specific training modules to teach your employees everything they need to know about their positions. You can track employee progress across modules and review the responses to proposed questions during the training courses. Unconfusing wants to help you in your every training software needs.


Doublets, or word ladder, is a word game invented by Lewis Carroll. A pair of words of the same length are given. One word is the initial word and the other is the target word. The goal of the game is to reach the final word from the initial word, by changing one letter at a time in the initial word. The challenge is that each word formed by changing a letter must be a valid word in the dictionary.

Management Interfaces

Management interfaces are typically a way to update your website without having to know the coding program. Unconfusing wants to help you to be able to edit and manage your website interface without also having to be a coding expert. By using management interfaces authorized users can access the website editing applications remotely to make your company website more user friendly and flexible.