Privacy Policy

Unconfusing Technology (herein 'Unconfusing') understands the potential for theft of information, corporate piracy, or corporate sabotage in today's economy. We understand the need for privacy between a company and its clients, and we also understand the need to protect inter-office materials, trade secrets, or other sources of corporate competitive advantage. At Unconfusing, security of information and personal and corporate privacy are very important. Since there is almost always a necessity to collect certain information when working with our clients, protecting our clients and their information is a priority. Therefore, to show our commitment to your protection, we offer the following privacy policy:

Confidential Information shall include all data, materials, products, technology, computer programs, specifications, manuals, business plans, software, marketing plans, financial information, contact information, usernames and/or passwords, and other sensitive information disclosed or submitted, orally, in writing, or by any other media, to Unconfusing by the Client (herein defined as any entity carrying out business processes involving Unconfusing).

Unconfusing agrees that any Confidential Information is to be considered confidential and proprietary to the Client and Unconfusing shall hold the same in confidence, shall not use the Confidential Information other than for the purposes of its business with the Client, and shall disclose it only to its officers, directors, or employees with a specific need to know. Unconfusing will not disclose, publish or otherwise reveal any of the Confidential Informtion received from the Client to any other party whatsoever except with the specific prior written authorization of the Client.

Unconfusing will not sell, market, or trade the Client's information to any other entity for any reason. No information about the Client's company will be revealed, unless forced to do so by a court or law-enforcement entity. We practice the highest measure of online security of information as well as the best corporate practices when dealing with information from the Client. Our employees must use password-protected accounts to access customer information. Furthermore, all employees are kept up-to-date on our security and privacy practices.

Unconfusing Technology enjoys healthy relationships with its customers, and we look forward to serving you in any way possible in the future.

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