MyApartment Website FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Unconfusing Technology's MyApartment Websites

About the MyApartment Website

Thank you for you interest in Unconfusing's MyApartment Website creation and management system. This system is designed to provide a central way for a single property or group of properties to create, manage, and maintain websites providing information about their building, amenities, location, and information. Additionally, we provide built in analytical tracking for user interactions on pages and contact form management.

The MyApartment Website management system is available for single properties at $499 per year and to property management companies at bulk pricing of 5+ for $399 per year. Price includes hosting and email services as well. You will, however, have to provide a domain name. Order Now!


How does this system work for a single property?

As a single property, after completing purchase you will be sent an email containing user information for your administration account. A site will be created for you as you log in and you will immediately be able to begin the website creation process!

How does this system work for a property management company?

As a management company, you are licensed the number of website you purchase, after purchasing, an account is created for your management company to be used as a `super-admin` account. Using this account you can create websites for each property and assign new users (on-site managers) or existing users (roaming-managers) to that website, as well as adjust access/writing permissions per user. This provides an easy way to allow both administration from the management company as well as administration from the local property employees (if desired).

Where do the contact forms go?

Contact forms are emailed to the property's email address as well as inserted back into your administration panel so you can keep track of all forms sent. This feature is especially useful for property management companies, as you will have access to all of your property's contact forms from one panel.

Are these websites responsive? (Mobile Friendly)

Yes, we work hard to create templates that work for the range of devices currently available on the market. All themes provided within the administration panel work on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Mobile responsiveness is a key factor in search engine prioritising and therefore a key design goal for us.

What domain should I use?

We recommend using something that involves the property’s name. We have seen a lot of success with (for example). Because this is a promotion based on a particular property, the property’s name makes the most sense to us.

Do these websites come with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Can I provide custom SEO?

Yes. All templates come with tags that are generated based off of the information provided about your property. These tags are then made to be specific to your property and location and differ between pages. These tags are automatically generated for you without need for editing, however, if you would like to change them, an editor is provided within the administration panel.

Can we add additional pages to the website?

No, our templates provide pages for you to edit or remove, but we do not provide a means to create additional pages. If you still find that you need to have an additional page added, we're happy to quote the additional change.

Can I use my own hosting?

Although hosting is already included with your purchase of the website, we understand that you may wish to host it yourself. The administration panel is set up to allow creation and updating of websites via remote FTP accounts, so provided you have access to FTP, you are able to host this website outside of Unconfusing's System. This does not affect the price of the website.

How do updates work?

Updates are pushed either from us, as a theme update comes available, or from a user account with administrative privileges on the property. The website is notified an update is available, and remotely authenticates with our system and updates itself.

Payment information

Payment terms are always 30 days. If not paid in 30 days, your account will be assessed a late fee of 15% of the balance. After 60 days we reserve the right to discontinue and/or contact collections (or both!). Returned check fee is $40 plus any late fees incurred. Our terms of service are specified in the builder, and you can read them. However, be aware that you will be responsible for all collection costs if it comes to that.