Security, Anti-Virus, and Malware Protection

How do you stop and prevent the dreaded computer virus when they change every day? We offer everything from simple consultation on anti-virus software to installation to active maintenence to keep everything running smoothly. We can evaluate your network and workstations to ensure they are well-protected.

Viruses are the bane of any business with a reliance on technology. With our extreme-connectivity, more than just a single computer is at risk when a system gets infected. Sensitive information about your clients, your business, your payments, and everything in between is vulnerable unless you take steps to protect it. If your systems are slowing down, your antivirus is out of date, or you just don't have any virus protection, we can help! We offer cutting edge software, installation, and maintenence to keep everything running smoothly and virus free. Please give us a shout!

One of our major partners is F-Secure, one of the world leaders in protection software for home and business, to provide holistic protection from end-to-end.

  1. Consultation

    We evaluate your business and its needs and risks. We can recommend powerful and useful tools for virus prevention and removal, customized to your specific needs.

  2. Edge Protection

    Once a virus is in your network, it can move about. Protect yourself by not allowing them into your network. We can help you create the proper firewall rules and get the proper equipment to stop unnecessary traffic or worms from causing damage.

  3. Anti-Virus/Malware Software Installation

    It's critical to have your workstation and servers protected. Whether it's a single system or a massive network, we're ready to help you get whatever solution you choose (or we can recommend) installed and protecting your investments.

  4. Virus and Malware Removal

    If your systems aren't performing like how they "used to" or you know you've triggered some sort of threat, it may be time search for malware and viruses. We'll work to get your systems cleaned and like new. Don't wait until it's to late to save!

  5. System Maintenance

    After installation or consultation, we'll make sure your systems continue running like new with updates and support, evaluate your future needs, and continue to monitor and protect your assets.