Business Email Solutions

Email solutions don't have to be confusing, but there are a multitude of ways they can be. We hear all the time how a new client's email won't work on this device or they can't access it here or there. We can help! We're experts on providing scalable email solutions for businesses, big and small!

Email Services

We can setup, host, and filter your email. If you're looking for a solution that is simple and just works, look no further. Host a server in-house, cloud, or with us. We have the technical know-how to get a server up and running quickly and smoothly without compromizing stability.

Exchange Services

The most popular email solution out there: Microsoft Exchange. In the past, many small businesses have been pushed out of this market due to cost. Fortunately, the marketplace is changing and other options that are less expensive are coming into being. We are experimenting with open-source and Linux based implementations of Microsoft's Exchange services but also offer full Microsoft solutions as well.

We offer in-house and managed exchange services. This makes it possible for you to harness the productivity and power of exchange without the headache and integrate with your Android, iOS, and Windows phones, utilize Outlook or your favorite email client, and even access webmail from any computer.

In case you're wondering...

Ever wonder what the different types of email connections were?

  • POP3 - email is downloaded to the device of your choice but does not keep in sync with the server
  • IMAP - email is synced to all devices but remains on server (delete on one, deletes on all)
  • Exchange - adds additional layers to pass and sync contacts and calendar in addition to email

What's one of the most common questions we get about email?

Where did the email go that I had stored in the Trash/Deleted folder? Answer (easy): It's gone! Would you keep important documents in the trash bin under your desk? No, so, the email trash folder is NOT a storage folder!