What makes a good accounting system?

Finance and accounting systems don't always come as "one-size-fits-all". Each company deserves an system that matches each business need. With that being said, there are certain criteria every accounting system needs to have to be a candidate for any company. Unconfusing has put together a list of necessary functions any good accounting system must contain:


Accurate - Accuracy in accounting software is imperative for your business. Other than having a legal responsibility to report accurate numbers, those same accurate numbers will assist in making the best company decisions. We see a lot of companies misusing their accounting systems. This is not on purpose, but they just do not understand how to properly use them, and that can also cause inaccuracies in decisions-empowering information.


User-Friendly - An accounting system that even the IT in your company can't manage is as inefficient as it is painful. The system you're using needs to be user-friendly and allow for your company to not only perform well, but to excel. We unfortunately see all to often where a company caters to the software, rather than the other way around.


Relevant - Your company's reports have to be usable. If the information that the reports deliver back are irrelevant from either inaccuracy or inept software, your company suffers. Unconfusing wants your accounting software to be relevant to your company and its decision-making.


Adaptable - In today's changing world, any software system needs to be extensible as needed by the business. This is particularly important as accounting systems are paramount to any company's success. Your accounting system should definitely be useful for strategic planning in your company and able to grow with your business.

Services we offer

Software Choice and Development

Unconfusing will assist you in most of your software development needs. We can help you choose the right software platform for your business or design and develop interfaces between existing systems.

Program Installation

Our company can help you install and maintain any software platform, ensure that you have secure remote access as needed, or even help you with developing reports to assist your business-related decisions. Our goal is to meet all of your IT needs, including uploading, installing, and the licensing of available accounting products.

Data Conversion

If you aren't in need of an accounting system, but could due for a back-up of your current data, Unconfusing is more than willing to do that for your company as well. We will securely back-up any data to protect it from both internal and external threats.