Imaging and Licensing of Workstations

Properly managing and maintatining workstation images can be a very difficult process. Whether it's version control or user control, imaging can be one of the biggest hassles for managing computers on a network of any size. We can do the planning and implementation for you.


Imaging is the process of duplicating software and settings to multiple machines. This is a common practice in large organizations or even small ones that have a need for security or control.

Standardizing workstations can decrease maintenance and grant a higher level of control for the organization. Even with a proper imaging software, some networks may have hundreds or even thousands of images due to non-uniform updating and individual usage. Plus, what happens when a machine goes down?

Virtual images

In our line of work, we use a lot of virtual images, which are instantly deployable "servers" or "workstations" depending on the needs. We can help you with remote servers, RDP, and terminal server connections as well as creating virtual images as needed.

We'll Get it Done Right

We'll make sure the images are set up right, and perfectly customized for the company's needs. We can help you create the image, install a server to manage them, or even deploy the image when needed. Even small companies can benefit from having a uniform set of software to all of their workstations.


Keeping up with licensing for software can become a liability. Let us help you with proper documentation and installation of software that is legitimate and licensed.