Our Sites

Always have the latest coding techniques, with search-friendly URL's. Unconfusing incorporates search-engine best practices using websites that are never template based so yours is tailored for you and search-engines.

Search Engine Optimization Plan

Buzzwords aside, your site needs to be accessible by search engines. Once search engines find it, do they see it the way you want it to be seen? That's where we come in.

First, we examine your site's coding to make sure it is compliant with the fast-paced and ever-changing world of SEO and WWW standards..

Then, we use scientific and academically proven methods of content analysis to examine every word, phrase, caption, or piece of content on your site. We want to make sure that your content:

  • Delivers the message AND tone that you intend
  • Is appropriate to the intentend audience
  • Is being found and interpreted by search engines correctly
  • Is helping you achieve your overall marketing goals

Search Marketing Plan

This plan offers our clients a way to draw attention to their site and/or increase rankings in searches. Somtimes when you are struck on the 3rd page, it takes a good old fashioned marketing effort to change the site's placement. We can help:

  • Tailor your site to your audience
  • Develop innovative marketing strategies and provide suggestions for future direction
  • Adjust your site's content to search standards and/or your targeted search parameters

Websites, including your competitor's websites, are always changing. The market is turbulent and takes a keen eye and constant watch to keep up with. Search engines are adjusting their rules and parameters each and every day. Why should you have to keep up with all of that? Let us help you with marketing your website online.