Not all email clients can render images through email. This list may be dated, but it may indicate those that cannot load images very well.

Email Image Display

The following table should provide a semi reliable list of email programs and clients and their abilities to render images via email.

Client Show Default Images? Shows Trusted Senders? Shows ALT text?
Yahoo Mail Yes No No No No No
Gmail No Yes No
.Mac Yes No Sometimes
Hotmail Yes Yes No
AOL Yes Yes Yes
Squirrel Mail No No No
AtMail/ Roundcube No No Sometimes
Apple Mail Yes No No
Thunderbird No Yes Yes
Outlook 2010 No Yes Sort of
Outlook 2007 No Yes No
Outlook 2003 No Yes Yes
Windows Mail No No Sort of
Lotus Notes Yes Yes Yes
Eudora Yes No Sort of
Entourage Yes No Yes
AOL No Yes No
iPhone/iPad Yes Yes Yes
Android Mail No No Yes
Android Gmail No Sometimes No
Windows Mobile No No No
Blackberry No No Yes

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