Quick Step Shortcut

A quick step is designed to create shortcuts for commonly used tasks.

How to create a quick step shortcut in Outlook 2013 (for moving email)

The following steps will walk you through how to set up a quick step shortcut to move emails to a specific folder. When you press the key combination, you can bulk-move emails to a local/imap folder. This is handy for archiving manually.

step 1

1. On the home tab, under the Quick Steps sub section (past the reply buttons) click Create New.

step 2

2. Using the popup box, select Move to Folder as the Quick Step Action.

step 3

3. Select the folder you would like to move to in the second drop box. This can be a local folder or an IMAP Folder.

At the bottom, you will see a option for Shortcut Key. Select the key combination that you would like to press in order to move messages into a folder.

After this is complete you can highlight emmails and press the key combination you have selected to have Outlook automatically move them to the appropriate folder.

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