Point of Sale Systems

Your point of sale system and inventory management system is the lifeblood of your company. We've talked to so many clients who regret investing in the POS software package that they have and wish they had or could move to another system. Many people don't even know what other choices exist...

Don't make this decision alone. Let us help you find and integrate the right POS system for your business. Whether your business is retail, consulting, or online - we can help. We've seen all sorts of systems in many different industries. Did you know, there is often even a particular software package designed specifically for your business type? Yes, that's right! There are even on-premises or cloud based solutions, iPad or computer, and don't forget about those credit card swipes over your phone. You need help to make this critical decision for your business...

How We Can Help

  1. Advise you on what types of POS systems are out there
  2. Show you how to use various features of your inventory management software
  3. Convert and transfer data such as inventory and sales data
  4. Assist with "best practices"
  5. Setup and maintain POS hardware such as receipt printers, barcode scanners, and servers
  6. Assist in security and PCI compliance for your network to prevent any compromise of data or breaches

Finance and Accounting Systems

Sure, your accountant has what he/she likes to use, but is it best for your business? Do you even know what options you have available for accounting systems and book-keeping methods? We have helped many of our clients improve their document retention, create and retrieve financial reports so they know about their business, and even setup credit card processing. All of these tasks affect the bottom line and having the right tools to know that bottom line is critical to any business.

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